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Saturday, October 09, 2004

Taking the bus to Mars!

Sometimes you can go interplanetary for a mere $1.25 bus fare(plus museum admission).

Just this week the Science Museum of Minnesota has opened a new movie - "Mars 3D" produced locally by Twist Films of Minneapolis. It gives you a ringside seat at the launch of the rovers, and 3D images captured by the rovers' cameras on the surface of Mars - pretty impressive stuff - worth the bus ride downtown!

What do you get for the price of admission? A trip to Mars in 20 minutes!

  • Good launch movies - one day and one night.
  • Great video ON BOARD LAUNCH (Thanks to RocketCam!)
  • A chance to see the scientists and their familes cheering, and
  • Great (and tense) moments in mission control at the crucial points of the mission
  • Good integration of simulations and on earth video of the landers.
  • Great use of the real 3D videos from Mars - in real color, not relying on red/blue glasses.

posted by Joel 4:54 PM

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