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Sunday, July 11, 2004

Testing... 1, 2, 3

Weird... I keep trying to post on my 7/5/2004 launch and it doesn't show up.

Went to the hobby shop today and replenished the rocket supply. "B"s are about right for the bigger rockets, so they don't go too high, or to low.....

Two packs of B6-2s and some spare igniters.

posted by Joel 1:49 PM

In the Spirit of Independance! (repost)

Independance Day +1 and I celebrated independance from gravity with launches of not 1, not 2, but THREE rockets!

I launched the Cobra, though with an A8-3; far too underpowered. It was an okay flight but it was already on its way down when the recovery charge popped. So it pretty much nose-dived - though all parts recovered well.

Then I launched the Apollo "Saturnesque" Rocket

with an angle into the wind (there was abit of a breeze today), and didn't spare the horses - I used a "C" engine, and it paid off. Nice high flight, peaking over the field (almost to HealthPartners) but the wind drift landed both pieces in the center of the football field. The nosecone parachute was shredded, but that worked to create streamer recovery that seemed okay.

Before and after this, I launched (multiple times) the newest entry in my fleet, the USS Spirit of Independance - emphasis on "spirit" as in wind. This is a pneumatic rocket, made of foam.

Launched easily, and landed nicely. Fun! There is something about rocket flight that just lifts the spirit - mine anyway!

posted by Joel 1:45 PM

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