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Saturday, April 17, 2004

Flight Data
According to Wrasp:

According to CR4d 2.0:

203 feet according to Wrasp, or 184.71 database, or 135 "mathematical".

Max speed 110 FPS (Mach .1).

posted by Joel 5:31 PM


A long dry spell, and the first two, completly successful launches of an Estes kit. It has the nice plastic assembly for the launch lugs and engine holder. Simple to make, and pretty solid. The "story" is that it is an experimental satellite launch vehicle, and includes two sats with streamers. Looked nice in the sky , too.:

First launch

Second launch

All recovered without incident.

posted by Joel 10:04 AM

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Current project: Launch as often as possible from MrKlingon's Spaceport