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Saturday, May 17, 2003

Two-Fer Weekend!
Now, I expect this week will be unusual with two separate launch days. I'm being tame, too, aiming at one launch PER MONTH in this round for 2003. Here's a reprise photo to represent today's launch (as was yesterday's picture of the Cobra):

Another great May day - and I launched my Freedom 7 (above) as well as a mini-X-Ray. I even included a payload! TWO payloads, one a C3P0 model and the other a dandelion blossom. Two excellent launches and two great recoveries. (1/A t in the Mercury, and an At in the X-ray.) I'll have to reattach the X-Ray nose cone (it keeps coming off) or make it a separate payload recovery system...

posted by Joel 1:36 PM

Friday, May 16, 2003

First launch since November!
Norris and I just went down to the field, this perfect May night and launched the Cobra again:


Two beautiful launches (B-6-4 and B-4-2, if anyone cares). Perfect launch and recovery both times. Just at dusk so the sky was blue but the rocket burned bright - wonderful!

posted by Joel 7:40 PM

Thursday, May 15, 2003

Aiming to launch

If all goes well, I'll launch *something* Saturday, 5/17. Here's hoping.

posted by Joel 6:09 AM

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