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Saturday, June 15, 2002

Rockets flown this week:

  • the "Jinx" ready-to-fly Estes model - recovered intact (though with a bent, but reparable fin)
  • ... I forget the name, but a home built kit, with a weighted nose cone. Using a C engine it sailed out of sight, never to return

    posted by Joel 8:15 PM

  • A touching essay:

    The Fourth Flight is Forever: A Father's Day essay
    Thomas Sullivan

    Published Jun 15, 2002
    We set our rocket launcher at a conjunction of left and right fields. For just an hour we will own the Earth and sky. "We" is another conjunction. Age and youth. Between us, there is still the magic of father and son. He is 9, blond and blue-eyed, a crier of delights. I love him profoundly.

    "Let's use the big engine, OK, Dad?" he asks hopefully.

    The directions say to use the small engine for the first flight, but he has not yet given up trying to unseat me from my dead-in-the-water resignation to the dictums of life.

    "A8-3, pal."


    posted by Joel 9:12 AM

    REPOST from - The start of the Buford Avenue Missle Agency Summer 2002 project

    Perfect Night to Blast Off

    No question, last night was a great night - no a perfect night for a launch. We were out walking the dog, and I could see that the flags were hanging straight down, the sky was clear, as was the missle field (baseball diamond) by our house.

    I was ready to go by myself, but when I mentioned it to my daughter she said sure! So, we grabbed two pre-packed rockets (unlaunched from last year's science fair project). One was a B the other a C(yikes!). This lead to two beautiful launches.... sadly it only lead to one landing.... but there were no crashes, screams, sirens so I assume the C engine rocket rests on a roof top or in a tree somewhere....

    posted by Joel 9:09 AM

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